New Author Interview from Kathy Reinhardt with S Jackson (co-author) of ‘When Angels Fly’ by S Jackson & A Raymond

When Angels Fly

BIO: We both grew up in the middle of Kansas, and we currently split our time  between Colorado and Kansas. We love traveling, reading, poker, enjoying the mountains and off road 4-wheeling.

  1. Has writing always been part of your life?

Not at first but somewhere in my fifth grade school year, I wrote a play for three friends and myself, all on my own for a school assignment. In reflection, it seems really hilarious now. My ‘co-writers’ were quite glad when I volunteered to write the play by myself (how little did I know at the time). Picture in your mind a young girl about 9 years old, using an old manual typewriter, not knowing how to type, and using old style carbon paper between layers of white paper. That was a recipe for disaster in 1969. Needless to say I had many errors and with carbon paper the copies underneath were even…

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