Excerpt: When Angels Fly

June 3, 1990 – Sunday

Right before noon, Eli’s name was announced on television on the Children’s Telethon with a $5 pledge, and Eli had part of the segment devoted to him. Eli was just tickled and loved seeing himself on the television. Eli was grinning and so was I to see him that happy to see himself on TV. We watched Spider Man using the VCR this afternoon and I had thought things were rather quiet for once. In the evening Henry phoned twice but not to speak with Eli. He just wanted to yell at me and to try and find out what I had planned down the road. I hung up on him twice. I was not sure if he wanted to know what I had told my lawyer lately, or if I had reported him to the SRS for not taking Noah to the doctor. I decided since I wasn’t sure what his problem was, I would just let him stew instead. After Eli had gone to sleep, Matt called me and we spoke for an hour or so, a more than perfect way to up the day even just a bit.


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