Excerpt: When Angels Fly

June 13, 1990 – Wednesday

I was up at 6 AM and both Eli and I had our usual morning routines. During Eli’s bath, I found a yeast infection in his groin. Worse, I found open areas, two of them, of his coccyx.  These were both Stage II bedsores and preventable. Henry didn’t have Eli sleep on his side, just his back, and if his bed was raised Henry didn’t get the fact of shearing force on the skin caused bedsores, or he didn’t care. When I was not here the nurses weren’t doing their jobs, either, in preventing bedsores. I was rather ticked off about this as they knew Eli was susceptible to skin breakdown and infections. I had Eli’s nurse come in and see the yeast and the bedsores. Skin treatment orders for Eli’s coccyx were done and some nystatin was ordered for the yeast infection.

After looking at Eli’s labs I saw his ANC was 736, Platelets were 61,000 and his HGB was 8.1. Both Henry and Gavin arrived and they were just nit-picking everything.  I was not sure why they must be this way.  I knew, though, that I couldn’t let them know that Eli was going home or they would cause trouble and prevent that from happening. Everything was planned and set up perfectly. Arrangements were made through Dee Hardy for Eli to go home tomorrow.  I was ecstatic for Eli, and Eli was thrilled to say the least. He wore a big grin knowing he would go home tomorrow.

Dr. Landon came in at 5 PM and more arrangements were made for Eli to go home tomorrow. Then I found out that about one hour earlier Henry had heard about the plans for taking Eli home and all the arrangements that were made in Durango and Denver.  Henry took Gavin with him straight down to administration for yet another visit with them trying to cause enough trouble to prevent Eli from going home.  All I could do now was to wait and see what happened as far as going home with Eli.

Dr. Mason pushed in Eli’s IV Vincristine and we chatted some more on how Eli was doing.  Henry popped inside Eli’s room at about 8 PM and loudly stated that he was of the opinion that Eli wouldn’t be going home.

Upon hearing this, Eli cried.  I comforted Eli as much as I could as Henry had left right after voicing his opinion. That bastard intentionally hurt Eli by saying what he just said and then leaving.  He was such a cruel person.  I did not think Eli would go home now as I believed the social workers would see Henry as a threat to Eli and they would make him stay for safety reasons.

Hannah phoned close to 9 PM and I talked with her and Noah. Henry had left and Eli was asleep so I just crashed again as I felt worn out from all the struggles.


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