Review: Convinced by Raven H. Price


Convinced (The Paradigm Shift Trilogy Book 2)

I have just finished reading Convinced by Raven H. Price. First her book synopsis found on Amazon.

“A prophecy is starting over. Heaven holds a meeting so the last piece of a puzzle can be found. Jesus chooses Gina Grimes, a strong willed, self-serving and unchurched young woman to complete the team.
For Jesus’ plan to work, the Holy Spirit has to first convince Gina her lifestyle isn’t great. He uses Caylee Sellers, Gina’s happy-go-lucky co-worker, to convince her there is a better life with the Lord. Once Gina submits to Jesus, he sends her a guardian angel. But when the angel called Ox arrives on the scene to guard her, he sees that Satan is already focused on Gina and is determined to ruin or kill Jesus’ new convert before the Lord’s seed of faith can take root.
A battle of wills begins and in the process Gina gets physically hurt. To counter act the situation Satan caused, the Holy Spirit uses another strategy on Gina to produce an effect that will shape her outlook and give her a supernatural way to contour nearly every action and thought.
While Gina physically heals, the Holy Spirit makes sure Gina finds new friends who are also equipped with guardian angels and various powers. Jesus’ plan starts working. Gina gains strength with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Ox’s presence and her new friend’s assurance. Will she find what she craves before all hell breaks out?”

This book spoke directly to my heart. Price has woven well described characters into a narrative in which one can feel the conflicts and the battles. Gina has a struggle, a huge one, in which she must come out victorious, while Satan sends his evil imps and helpers (including a rapist) to feed upon Gina’s moments of doubts and weakness’s. As the seed of Hope planted in Gina starts growing, the imps multiply their devilish ways to feed upon Gina’s doubts and her fear. Yet Gina wanted to believe in Jesus, and an out of body event, after a car wreck, sets her on a path in seeking The Holy Spirit. This is a FIVE star read!


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