Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keeper Novel by Tracey Clark


I have finished reading, Shocking Finds: A Finder’s Keeper Novel by Tracey Clark, and I love this book!

First, the teaser found on Amazon:

An act of rebellion, Marin doesn’t think that running into the new store in town will hurt anything. Her aunt will never know… right? One car wreck later, her aunt is hospitalized, Marin is forced to spend her twenty-first birthday fighting for her life, and magic – the very thing her aunt has always sworn to be for fools – is real. And so is the irresistible Fae dedicated to Marin’s protection.

Kyland has searched Earth-side and all the other realms, looking for a missing Fae child. A child his Queen prophesied would be able to one day save the Fae people from the Danshue, as the evil Fae threat tries to overwhelm the entire Supernatural Community. A child that would know nothing of her blocked gifts, or her Fae heritage waiting to be claimed. A child that has grown into a curvy, delicious morsel he would love to taste.

Together Marin and Kyland will fight Fae assassins, overcome betrayals, and if they’re lucky … they will find the Danshue responsible for their plight. That’s if Marin doesn’t shock him to death with her erratic new gift, and her out of control emotions.


Although not my normal reading genre, I must say that Clark has truly written a wonderful entertaining Fantasy novel.  Clark pulled me into the fantasy world of her Fae/Earth realms and I was quickly reading the pages! There is enough supernatural to make this story a true fantasy novel without over doing it. I must say that Clark is highly talented.

We start with a young woman named Marin, who doesn’t know that she is a Fae Princess who wields supernatural powers of great immense. As the story unfolds we find out that her aunt is determined to keep Marin in check. As with all young adults, Marin is trying to figure out her place in the world, and then finding out she has powers that are remarkable to say the least. Another aspect that I loved is the love story between Marin and Kyland, a man Marin is destined to be with, and the love they share helps Marin throughout this lengthy book. I believe that not only young adults, but also all adults will find this a great read. This is truly a well-written book, and it was refreshing to read a book in which the grammar is perfect! I highly recommend this book! Five stars all the way!!


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