Chickens Eat Pasta: Escape to Umbria


Chickens Eat Pasta: Escape to Umbria by Clare Pedrick

I have just finished reading Chickens Eat Pasta by Clare Pedrick. My review will follow Pedrick’s book synopsis found on Amazon below.

“Not just another romance, but a story of escapism, coincidences, friendship, luck and most of all… love. 

Chickens Eat Pasta is the tale of how a young Englishwoman starts a new life after watching a video showing a chicken eating spaghetti in a mediaeval hill village in central Italy. 

“Here I was, 26 years old, alone and numb with boredom at the prospect of a future which until recently had seemed to be just what I wanted.” 

Unlike some recent bestsellers, this is not simply an account of a foreigner’s move to Italy, but a love story written from the unusual perspective of both within and outside of the story. As events unfold, the strong storyline carries with it a rich portrayal of Italian life from the inside, with a supporting cast of memorable characters. Along the way, the book explores and captures the warmth and colour of Italy, as well as some of the cultural differences – between England and Italy, but also between regional Italian lifestyles and behaviour. It is a story with a happy ending. The author and her husband are still married, with three children, who love the old house on the hill (now much restored) almost as much as she does. 

Chickens Eat Pasta is Clare’s autobiography, and ultimately a love story – with the house itself and with the man that Clare met there and went on to marry. If you yearn for a happy ending, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a story that proves anything is possible if you only try.” 

I felt drawn into this memoir from the beginning; a story rich in love, heartache, new beginnings, fun, and really every aspect of the emotional spectrum. The action of emigration from one country to Umbria, Italy, in the 1980s, and the ensuing drama of that decision, is woven into a beautiful, well written memoir. The pace is steady, and the characters are well developed. Actually, everything is quite detailed, and I wonder if the author kept journals?  Even so, leaving one’s home country, after a divorce, and moving to new country requires strength, and Pedrick shines in this aspect. Humor is added (look at the title) and love abounds. Great job Clare!



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