Circle of Books Rings of Honor

Please vote and thank you!

When Angels Fly


Please vote for When Angels Fly at the link here, thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Circle of Books Rings of Honor

  1. Voted for Wings of an Angel, which I am reading right now – 80% way through. I shall certainly post a review. Did you write the story for Sarah? It’s certainly harrowing – some similarities with my own mother but her mother and husband were far, far worse and the anguish of Eli is heatbreaking.

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    • Lucinda that isn’t my book. My book is titled ‘When Angels Fly’ by S. Jackson and A. Raymond. So you didn’t vote for my book but thank you for trying. The Sarah in my book is actually me, and yes, if that is the one you are reading, it is completely true. I poured my gut, my whole being into my memoir. I don’t write like you as you are superb at it, but I do have an editor fixing all the zillions of errors as I write this – a professional editor. This is also my freshman book.


      • I did vote for the right book – blame the wrong title on my aging brain!! As a first book it’s brilliant and I hope you write lots mre about other stuff. An no, don’t think for a moment I write any better!! You should see what my editor returns – the mss is covered in red ink!! Once upon a time I thuoght I could write, but now I’m not so sure 🙂

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      • Thank you! You are so kind to say that it’s brilliant as a first book. My memoir was tough to write and took years. I had my journals and it was all there in long hand. Some people don’t like books that are mostly journal entries. I’m in the fifth edit with this book. When I get it back, … we shall see the mistakes. Or I will anyway. I write children’s picture books and they are much easier. I love graphic design work.

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      • They are now removed from me or they have died. No one causes trauma to me now. It has been that way since December 2012. I am happy to make you a few promo graphics for FREE. Just message me on the form below so that we can use email.


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