Holiday Blues? Depression? Lonely?


Holiday Blues? Depression? Lonely?

It has been five days since I posted on my blog. I have, and still have serious depression.

Truly holidays should be a time of celebration and joy, yet some individuals are depressed. I know this for a fact as I have been depressed during the holidays since 1982. My firstborn son was born dead that year. Losing a child is the King of Loss. My youngest son, at age five years, passed in 1990 after a horrible cancer battle. I never thought I would see happiness again, ever. Sam’s favorite song is/was ‘Silent Night’. I cry every time I hear that song. I have lost a baby brother and my father and those deaths were difficult as they would be for anyone. Still, my children passing is, and will always be, my biggest trigger during the holidays.

There are different triggers for everyone who suffers depression during this joyous time of year. Many people are lonely and socially isolated, and that very isolation triggers deep depression. Some people have small or even non-existent social circles. These ‘loners’ withdraw from being around others and so they suffer from depression badly.

WebMD has great information on depression and how to help others. Actually they have 25 ideas to help combat depression!

Depression Hotlines for Support

Take a minute to look over the following phone numbers for crisis support. All of them are toll-free numbers. This means you don’t have to pay for the call, and it will not show up on your phone bill.


  • Suicide Hotline


  • National Suicide Prevention Helpline


  • National Adolescent Suicide Hotline



  • Postpartum Depression


  • Veterans


All Types of Crisis

  • United Way Helpline


  • Youth America Hotline

1-877-YOUTHLINE (1-877-968-8454)

  • Covenant House Nine-Line (Teens)


  • The Trevor Helpline (For homosexuality questions or problems)




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