How To Survive Naming Your Characters #Writers #AmWriting

Such awesome insight!



Naming characters is hard and there are painful consequences if you get it wrong. If you have ever written 70k + words with a character who has an irritating name, you will know where I am coming from on this.

Here are some things you need to know before you start the naming process:

  1. The amount of time you will spend thinking about the names of imaginary folk will shock you.
  2. If you struggled naming children, pets or toys – you are in for a rough ride!
  3. Loved ones may panic or get excited when you are caught browsing baby naming sites.
  4. When someone uses your character’s name in real life you will get a strange tingling sensation.
  5. You might experience some embarrassment when revealing the names of your characters.
  6. If you talk in your sleep you can expect to say your character names. Handy tip – supply your loved…

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