My Reading Journey

My reading journey inspired by Maggie Thom, and my taste in books. 

I’m eclectic just like Maggie. She started with Harlequin Romance but I started in the 60’s with Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Cherry Ames, and of course Laura Ingalls Wilder. Books were my escape from a harsh reality of life. To put it mildly, I was, and still am, a voracious reader! As a teenager, I graduated into the world of Harlequin Romance, and fell in love with them. Each book had love and a happy ending and I needed that escapism during that time. Since then I developed a taste for both Regency and Victorian Romance. The descriptions of clothing, manors, castles, the use of Lord this and Countess someone, mixed with the Duke of Devon or the Duchess of Rose, etc. captivated me. I do love a good memoir, and more recently, Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy have been found to be great reads. So it only made sense that I would be an eclectic writer as well as reader. How about you?



4 thoughts on “My Reading Journey

  1. Very cool Mary. Actually I did start with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys as well, I just didn’t go back that far in my reading. 🙂 For me it just has to have a good story, I really am not all that picky about genre. Great to see you still read a lot. It is a great past time. Thank you for sharing your reading journey. Very cool.

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