My one hundred and eleventy fifth birthday present to myself (I’ll share)…

This is great!

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As it’s my one hundredth and eleventy fifth birthday today, I thought I might do a quick check. There is an old joke about a Jewish man being knocked down by a car and when he gets up he blesses himself by making the sign of the cross. The driver of the car at first checks that the man is not hurt and when he discovers that the man he hit is uninjured, the confusion hits him.

“You’re Jewish?” He enquires, observing the obvious from the man’s attire.  When the man tells him that he is indeed Jewish, the driver of the car then asks why he blessed himself to which the Jewish man answers,

“Bless myself? I didn’t bless myself! I was just checking.”  The driver asks what he was checking.

“Spectacles, testicles, heart and wallet”

I’m a bit like that these days.   As the years pass, I have…

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