New Release ~ Uncle Stubby Gets Married


We just released our 14th book, and 6th in our ‘Shadow and Friends’ series this past week. We will have a party on social media soon, with give-a-ways of free books, gift cards, author bling and more. Without further ado, here is our book information!

In this children’s picture book, and sixth book in our ‘Shadow and Friends Series’, Uncle Stubby Gets Married, a fox squirrel named Uncle Stubby has fallen in love with a girl squirrel named Sparkles. Squirrel family and friends, including a small dog named Shadow, and her boyfriend, Max, are invited to attend the wedding in a special Valentine Fairy Forest. Uncle Stubby thinks Sparkles is the most beautiful girl squirrel in the land. Uncle Stubby’s twin, Shorty, flies in from New York City with his family, and Shorty is best man for his brother. Foxy is matron of honor for Sparkles. The Valentine Fairy Forest is truly a magical land, the illustrations show how this dream forest looks, and all the animals are safe in this forest both day and night. Along the way, we meet mouse fairies, and Minister Mouse conducts the wedding. Sparkles’ wears a crown, and Uncle Stubby is dressed in a cummerbund. Various other animals are present, including one unicorn, and the bride and groom spend their wedding night in Walnut Forest, a special part of the Valentine Fairy Forest. Children will love seeing how magical the forest is, with abundant sparkles thrown in for good measure. This delightful and funny book for children, targeted at ages 4-11, is easy to read and perfect for home or classroom. This story illustrates how beautiful the Valentine Fairy Forest looks, produces pure imagination in children, and the illustrations will fascinate children and adults.

First review is below.  

Uncle Stubby Gets Married” is a wonderful and magical children’s book that both children and adults will enjoy. The story hits the targeted age range of 4–11. My grandchildren loved the beauty of the magical Valentine Fairy Forest, and they loved seeing two squirrels get married. The illustrations are lovely and the entire book sparkles, in a tale of pure imagination for child and adult.  As a Christian, I loved how the authors wove in the kindness of all the animals, and the book speaks of kindness to all. This book is perfect for home, schools, and libraries. I highly recommend this book. ~ Susan Vance, “Leaving Savannah.


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