Focus on Better #1: Writing From Different Worlds -#RRBC

I’ve read books from ‘both sides of the pond’ since I was a small child and truly this makes no difference to me. I love how words are spelled differently and I love when I find say a great book with a thick brogue.

Rave Reviews By Nonnie Jules

This year, we (the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB) are lending great focus to  getting better…improvement of our selves, improvement in our lives, and because we are a literary organization, improvement of our writing, has moved to the forefront of our mission. It is time that we ALL stand out.  Some of our members already do, but because it is not our goal to leave any of our RRBC family behind, we are going to push one another, until we are all standing on solid (equal) ground.  If you’re not there in the upper echelon of the writing club, then those who are, will not rest until you are planted firmly beside them.  Let’s become each others keepers.  As the great Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:  “I cannot be all that I can be, until you are all that you can be,” so on that premise, we won’t…

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