How To Write Better Stories: Layering

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

head shot your humble host

So… Not the beat this J. K. Rowling thing to death, but…

You have to ask yourself: if you were going to write a story like Harry Potter, how would you do it?

First you have to come up with an idea. A boy is a wizard; let’s go have fun in the magic world.

Then you get to create the pre-story of how did the boy become a wizard? Or was he always one because that’s just a line of the human race and he just didn’t know. (Making him not know is more interesting.)

Giving him a mean uncle is more interesting…

But what you do, at least what I would think you would do, is write your outline or write your basic story – and then let it rest.

And while it’s resting, you are thinking about how you can add layers. How you can…

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