How To Format A Manuscript For Traditional or Indie Submissions — FunDead Publications

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Did you know that some publishers are so particular about submissions that they will trash your piece without reading it simply because of the spacing, font, or missing important information you forgot to provide?  Luckily, that’s not the way we do things at FunDead, but we’ve compiled some information on traditional submission requirements to help you on your way, whether you’re sending it to us or to another fabulous publisher!

When you’re new to submitting your work to publishers, it can be daunting trying to learn about formatting. Many publishers vary in their formatting preferences, making it even more confusing for the writer. We’ve decided to share our preferences, as well as some of the “industry standards” to help you along in the process.

timesThe basics:  

Your font should be Times New Roman or Courier and just leave it at that. I know, I know, playing with the fonts can…

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