Unquantifiable Loss


Unquantifiable loss – impossible to express or measure in terms of quantity. When loved ones pass it is a sad time, indeed. More so for those who are parents and have lost a child/children – for that kind of loss is truly the King of Loss. Late yesterday, I found out that a dear lady called by her nick name, Ardy, (and Hannah in my memoir, When Angels Fly), had passed on. Shocked is an understatement. I found out via a text, and had hoped to talk later that last evening on the phone. I can understand the text, and in the end, I, too, had to let my son know the same via text for several reasons. I have tried to explain how much this lady meant to me and my son, but one can’t quantify or understand. One can understand that she was like a grandmother to many children, and like a mother to myself. But one can’t understand, or truly appreciate just what this loss meant. You see, Ardy was much more, loyal to children, and treated everyone fairly. She was more for my only living son – she was his protector  24/7 while I was 250 miles away with my youngest son fighting a huge cancer battle.  Essentially, she fostered my son with love and care in abundance, and she battled my mother and my son’s father in preventing them from abusing my son, only six years old at the time. Honestly, I have no idea why I’m blogging this, but I do know I needed to vent my feelings and I thank those of you who have graciously allowed me to do so. 



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