Grandpa’s Thought! by Denny Lancaster


Friday, May 31, 2002

Grandpa’s Thought!
by The Faerie Keeper aka Denny Lancaster

Nor from our thoughts have vanished,
but woe and crying were banished.
In our mind a vison of you appears,
where it has glowed through the years.

From our heart memory shall not perish,
perish not that long have cherished.
Remains of whom death hides the face,
leaving their yet unforgotton trace.

To what ends my frenzied thoughts pursue,
that in life our love we still renew,
knowing that to us you shall not return,
but folly when you were here we spurn.

Come then into my thoughts, ease my woe,
grant that to us which Cherubs may bestow,
and with listening ears our acts incline,
so that in us your short life on earth may shine.

In ages yet to be spent with bended knee,
the flowering of our wee Isabella Rose,
release our heart and soul and set it free,
steadfastly sup with He who would always go,
and into His hands we too will be with thee.

~ Denny Lancaster

Written after a young girl died in the 9/11 attack – she was in a tower that fell. 




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