Thursday, June 27, 2002
Caughtcha…Loved your cheering at TSF today and to be
honest, this cheer for your cheer was to send this morning and I
immediately thought of you…smiles….

A little angel named Isabella,
had a Faerie gift to always hear,
the tinkling cup of joy and cheer,
especially when Wee Ones were near.

Folk in Garden Cheer adored Isabella,
and she kept them from woes gale,
she always tried and never did fail,
and loved to tell of a cheerful tale,
when she joyfully carried a tiny pail.

A pail of milk into the garden drug,
to feed those neither seen nor heard,
except from an occasional written word,
found with her daily wheats and curd,
to read, “from cheer never be deterred”.
–Denny Lancaster


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