View on original Evelina siteDSCF4864Pantheon and fountain of the PantheonDSCF4865When it rains and I don’t have an umbrella, I just work the headscarf! DSCF4872DSCF4875The perfectly proportinoed sphere and oculusIMG_2210IMG_2211Hoel at the of the dome, also called the eye of the dome. IMG_2212When the camera can’t focus because the art is too detailedIMG_2219IMG_2220IMG_2221IMG_2223IMG_2233The marble floor contains geometric patterns and hole to drain the water when it rainsIMG_2234IMG_2235IMG_2236IMG_2237Wearing: Zara coat, Zara dress, Converse shoes, Michael Kors purse and a scarf


The Pantheon is one of Rome’s must see sights even 2000 years after construction. The Pantheon used to be a Roman temple but now serves as a church. Situated at Piazza della Rotonda across from the beautiful Fontana (fountain) del Pantheon, the dome remains the most fascinating aspect because of the perfectly proportioned sphere and hole. The hole/ oculus  of the dome is the only source…

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