When DJT was Crippled

Open Thought Vortex

By Sean J Mahoney

When DJT was crippled he spent many mornings

and afternoons alone at school and not of choice.

DJT needed familiarity and friendship and functionality.

He had none of these things. He had himself and his

impairment. When DJT was crippled he talked often

to himself. He successfully convinced himself that

reinvention was the better half of valor so as to avoid

the slick trappings of inspiration. However, the real

world, much of the frightened shells and self-abdicating

segments anyway, failed to understand this message.

He was ridiculed and patronized and spit upon and given

ultimatums; his crucifixion, though metaphorical, left scars.

Since DJT was crippled in the 21st century his parents

Convinced him that there was hope since the ADA had

Passed into law just around the previous corner. But DJT

had trouble feeling it most times. He saw people like him

mocked in halls…

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