What Makes A New Yorker… A NEW YORKER?

Open Thought Vortex

What does it take to become … A NEW YORKER???

Ever since September 8, 2008 I have pondered this question. That was the day I moved into a rented room in a dilapidated house in Forest Hills, Queens. My first day as a New Yorker.

8 million people live in New York City. Or maybe it’s 8.5 now? Are we counting Staten Island? More importantly, Are all 8 million of us “New Yorkers?”

Exclusivity is what makes it cool. And as I am fond of saying, “Rules Make Fun More Fun.” So there has to be a rule, there has to be! There’s gotta be a rule about who can be a New Yorker and who can’t, and once you’re in, you’re IN, baby! After 24 years of being just a boring whatever non-New Yorker, I was desperate to be reborn in the Greatest City on Earth, as a person…

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