Summer Gold

Sun in Gemini

Adelaide Lilly for blog

Summer struggles into Life

So many leaves to feed

Through soil still cold and branches bare

She fructifies their need


Her power is fullness, often missed

Rotation is her pride

But neither spring nor golden fade

Describe her yearly tide


A human barefoot on a beach

The water briefly kisses

He smiles – high water marks his mind

The greater truth he misses


When mystics speak of higher things

It is no more than seeing

Profound, the change of view is glimpsed

And takes us deeper into meaning


But Life which wears creation’s eyes

Perceives both edge and centre

Thus seeing what could not be seen-

By nature; now his mentor


No straight-line marks the journey back

For he must learn his art

In taming mind which thinks itself

To be the greater part


This tiny bubble self reflects

Reactions I think free

But stepping through this veil of film

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