I Think I’m OK by C. S. Kenny


I Think I’m OK by C. S. Kenny

My review of this book follows the blurb found on Amazon.

“This is no pity-party. This is a tale of how quickly something at home can go wrong and the fall out from that. The author volunteered at 9 years old to go into care, leaving other siblings at home. That tells you all you need to know how messed up home life was. The trigger for leaving hits you like a train, but without any gory detail. No spoilers, but it will make you re-read that bit twice.

Once in the care system, you get the rebel, the amazing independence, touched with despair as Chris makes his way through (and often escapes from) the care system, often for days at a time, although the exploits he crammed into those days must have made it seem like weeks.

Brushes with the care system, the law, a motorcycle gang, gangsters and a prostitute are all part of the rich tapestry that Chris Kenny weaves for you with an honest and gritty style.

This book is 100% believable, totally captivating and I can totally understand the reason for writing. It is a book that Chris should rightly be proud of.”

I felt so broken when reading about this child and what he had gone through over the years of his life. I find it highly remarkable that he survived through everything that he went through, his running a ways, stealing food, and going back to a children’s home. Although humorous at time, I felt that this child just couldn’t find a win-win in his life. Granted he brought on most of his own trials, but he didn’t bring in all of the abuse that doled out to him, and let write I mean all forms of abuse. Social services didn’t do their job, at all! Heads up: The language used was distasteful and a turnoff for me.

Grammar and punctuation needs work and I can only give 3 stars at this time.


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