Time is Running Out!


Time is running out in grabbing, When Angels Fly, for only .99 cents! Eight days are left! Below are a few thoughts from others regarding this memoir. Please excuse one scorching sentence on second blurb. A few are reviews and others are comments. Thank you!

“I read your story and came to the conclusion that you are a fighter after my own heart. You fought for your child with every ounce of strength you could muster, and in the end, that’s all you can do. You can sleep well knowing that you did all you could do and therefore have no regrets. Be good to yourself and keep moving forward.”
~ Shirley Harris-Slaughter, Author

“A heartfelt and heartbreaking story of a mother’s love. That this beautiful child was subjected to such horrific treatment by his own father, grandmother, and uncle and yet allowed by the “system” to continue to suffer abuse by them while he was undergoing such a serious illness is despicable. Thank God that she was there to protect him and his brother. A must read for anyone who has ever loved a child. I would love to know what became of the father. He deserves to rot in hell”. ~ S. Bailey

“There is no greater sorrow than that of losing a child. You have faced that sorrow with great heartbreak and courage, in addition to facing other mountainous challenges. Your writing is a testimony to your strength.” ~ Gwen Plano, Author

“Memoirs that deal with tragedy often turn out to be the most life-affirming and give a hope of resilience and strength. Kudos to you, Mary, for finding the tender words to tell Eli’s story and your own journey.” ~ Jan Hawke, Author

“What a lot to have come through, and what a brave story to write. I am sure your words will help many.” ~ Harmony Kent, Author

When Angels Fly is one that everyone should read to fully appreciate how difficult challenges can be overcome.” ~ John W. Howell, Author

“I loved, cried, was saddened, and strengthened by reading When Angels Fly. You both are wonderful and inspirational role models. We each have challenges to face in this lifetime, and I believe they are opportunities to grow and be stronger.” ~ Karen R. Ingalls, Author

When Angels Fly” does exactly what it sets out to do I believe – it reminds us that “There but for the grace of God, go I.” I recommend this book to all… it will make you cry, but it will also uplift you. Well done! ~ Grant Leishman, Author

This is a very good book! It moved me in so many emotional ways it was hard to put it down to eat or sleep. It is a sad story but inspiring page-turner. Well worth your money. ~ Raven E. Price, Author

Thanks to all who have read my memoir. 



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