What are the principles of success ?

Life goals & motivation

Who doesn’t love to be powerful & successful in life ? You can’t have much in life without learning the principles of success. Whatever you dream to accomplish, you must realize that to increase your chances of success, you must learn the principles you set forth to make your dream a reality. Preparation is the foundation of success. The most prepared person is the one that has the best chances, so it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity even if you don’t see it now. Luck happens when hard work meets opportunity, and success happens when you give it your absolute all. These are the 4 principles that you need to live by to attain the success you dream of:

ella-williams-sunset-idb• Motivation

Not everyone is self motivated, Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behaviour. It gives you the reason for your actions, desires, and needs. So while trying yourself…

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