Words from Denny Lancaster


Monday, July 22, 2002
Kudos… Sho nuff we found a wonderful cheer at TSF
which should be eulogized and sanctified… perhaps overboard,
but excellent yes. So a cheer for your cheering…

What is the spirit of TSF you would like to know?
Is there special quality which a fighter should show?
Be certain that there are not answers carved in stone,
just some common qualities which would be shown.

Harmony is a quality which cannot be constrained,
like a freight train whose speed cannot be detained;
Into the fray of the “fights” some time to spend,
thoughtful statements by fighter’s you always append.

The loyalty of your team will always be unbending,
and ventures into other teams turf will be unending;
In everyone you will always find a dear friend,
acts of compassion will never prove to be a dead-end.

The joy of unleashing a valiant stab at prose,
you never tire of poetry which you try to compose;
Of the humble spirit of loosing you are not surprised,
and of cheer you always think it should be eulogized.

by Denny Lancaster aka The Faerie Keeper

(a dear friend from many years ago)


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