How to make a book teaser #WriterWednesday #AuthorMarketing #Marketing

D.E. Haggerty

I love teasers. Not only are they are great way to promote my own books, but I often choose a book to read after seeing a cool teaser from the author. But not all teasers work for me. I’m not an author marketing guru, but I do know what works for me as a reader. And since I buy at least one e-book a day, I’m going to assume my opinion matters to writers looking for readers. (Big assumption. I know.) I’ve recently jumped on the Instagram bandwagon (and am loving it, by the way) and have noticed some ‘typical’ problems that will cause me to scroll right past a teaser.

Legibility of text. The biggest problem I run into is too much text. I’ve seen more than one teaser in which the picture is completely covered by text. You couldn’t see the photo, let alone what the photo was…

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