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I will be taking a break from my blog due to semester exams coming up in a week. As a result wouldn’t have the time to write posts. I thought of something to keep my blog active while am away. This was it 👇 .

Free Reblogs here on °Yeka

Would you like to have your blog posts featured here as a reblog?

Here’s how to get selected:

  1. You must be a follower, if you not already a follower, you’ll have to follow me and you get a follow back as well.
  2. You have to like this post.
  3. Comment your blog URL,If someone likes your comment give them a reblogg as well. Your URL should be in this format please (
  4. Share/Reblog this post .

Once you have completed all this,

Your best posts gets reblogged.

Or if you’d want to do guest post here as a…

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