It’s About The Long Game


Why are so many people looking for shortcuts when life is long? -Gary V

If you think the success you have always dreamt of is right around the corner, then you would be wise to entertain a different idea. BUT the success you have always imagined is also right around the corner, just not the corner you had in mind.

Here’s where I am headed. 

WINNERS are marathon runners, not sprinters. 

The reality is, no one has ever become an overnight success.

Stop looking for immediate success. Do not pursue short-term success. Success is about the long game. If you are pursuing success with the hope of it coming to fruition over the next month or in the next eighteen months, then you are in for THE big let down. What you will get in its place will not bring you lasting fulfillment.

So, be patient! Remember, what you are seeking is also seeking after…

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