A Dog Named Derf by Raven H. Price


I just finished A Dog Named Derf by Raven H. Price and my review follows the authors book blurb found on Amazon.

“Derf has a mission. He wants to share with everyone, young and old, how a loving Creator along with the Holy Spirit rescued him as a puppy and gave him a wonderful life.
He was blessed with a loving home and two wonderful human parents, an extended human family and five cats.
With Daddy Ralph, his parent, and best friend. Derf spends twelve short years enjoying fellowship, going on adventures and watching over those they loved
Allow Derf to tell his amazing story of salvation, love, overcoming trials and learning not to fear even death and loss.”

This was an endearing read for me and is a great read for the entire family. I loved how the story was told from the dog, Derf, point of view. The whole gamut of emotions is felt right from the beginning with Derf losing two sibling puppies, and happiness follows this sorrow. I dislike thinking of all the animals that fend for themselves in a cold and vicious reality of the needs for food and shelter. Price brings the Holy Spirit into this short story and that is comforting. Derf was loved by Price and her husband, and when you lose a pet it is a difficult thing to deal with. Some say it is like losing a child, but that it is not. Having lost lifelong pets and two children, I know how much harder child loss is in real life. I cried buckets over losing my pets as well. Due to grammar and editing issues, I can only give four stars at this time. Upon being edited, I will adjust my review accordingly.  


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