The Odds of Advertising Your Book

A Writer's Path

by Richard Risemberg

This is the way it is: if your book does not enjoy extensive publicity, it will not sell.

This is not a hard and fast rule, as miracles do happen through word of mouth, but the odds favor ads in this word of white noise that we live in. Sure, Moby Dick is a classic now, but it was a flop in Melville’s lifetime, even though he had already published two bestsellers!

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The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Legends of Windemere

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(Small addition: I’m going to start seeing a one-on-one therapist. Prior to this, it was more than a group thing. So, we’ll see if things change for this journal.)

I’ve touched on this in other posts, but I figure I should go into some more details about my experience with the physical side of anxiety.  This is why I thought at the beginning that I was dealing with heart problems.  The tightness in my chest and rapid breathing kept having me think it was a heart attack.  Took a long time to realize that having one every few days didn’t make much sense.  I would have had some long lasting effect or ended up in the hospital if my heart was in that bad a shape.  At the very least, I’d have an attack that would dwarf all the others, but it never happened.  This is one…

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New Progress Bars Available for WordPress!

E.E. Rawls Writes

And yes, this includes users! In fact, the whole point is that they can be used on WordPress.comsites (like mine) and look unique, instead of the plain ones you find out there now. But first, here’s the story of how they came about:

pink rose, progress bars, for writers, widgets, progress widget, website tool, book tools, writer tools, writer help, blog tool, for bloggers, for writers,

When I started revising the draft of my novel Strayborn, I wanted a cool widget that would show on the sidebar of my website my writing progress. I looked/googled around, but everything that was pretty, cool, and had special features used Javascript or some other thing that doesn’t allow. In the end, what I did find was a simple one color bar that showed percentages, so I used that. But after a while, it stopped working. I don’t know what the reason was, but it would no longer work on any of my sites. My frustration flared up.

I got to thinking how I…

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Two Quick, Easy No-Cost Ways to Convert a PDF into a Word Doc

QA Productions

There are two types of PDF files that concern writers and from which writers would like to extract editable text.

The first is created by exporting a text document from a word processor or publishing program into a PDF file. The second type is created by scanning printed material and producing a PDF file.

(The second type, the scan, is actually an image file that requires further conversion via OCR (optical character recognition). OCR conversion requires special software, and it falls into the category of “you get what you pay for” and will be the subject of another blog post.)

This post concerns the first type of PDF. A common request I get is: “I had someone do a print layout for my book and it’s been edited and updated, but it’s in a PDF and I need a final copy as a Word doc. Can…

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Success as an Author

dancing leaves

file000953835377Many new writers and authors often wonder what it takes to be considered a successful author. How many books do they need to sell before they are considered successful? How much money do they need to make in royalties before they can say they’ve really made it? How is success measured?

In our society, and for many of us, success is often defined as money, fame, and power. But I think we do ourselves a big disservice when we define it that way, or base it on specific numbers reached, whether it’s book sales or income.

What about an author who has only published a few books, but they are well-written, filled with heart, humor, and gut-wrenching honesty? What about a new author’s book that opens up unique and fascinating worlds to explore? Or an author’s story that shares the overcoming of a huge difficulty in life that can inspire…

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Anxiety and Avoiding People

Non-Euclidean Sofa

My home does not feel like a prison. It doesn’t feel like a coffin both because I am not dead and because I cannot afford to line the walls with silk sheets. I love my home. I also love swimming, but if something was standing at the edge of the pool and kept me from getting out of the water, even being a place I love can’t keep me from feeling trapped.

Anxiety is weird because, to someone who doesn’t share the same anxieties, it probably would look like I get nervous for no discernible reason. But usually I can figure out the reason. People exist, and today they were existing right outside the door and on the little patch of grass and while cooking and eating and having a happy night and all this… probably looks ridiculous. But it’s hard to come out into a world when you’ve constantly…

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No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink

no-wasted-ink-writers-links-logoHappy Monday!  It is time for another batch of links that would prove useful to writers and readers of fiction.  I’ve stayed mainly on topic this week.  There are plenty of general writing tip articles to read, along with a few related to writing science fiction.  Enjoy!

Building Characters Layer by Layer

Five Things Your Editor Hates About You

A Need for Speed

Forget Your Muse

Wax On, Wax Off: 5 Areas To Polish Before Submitting A Manuscript

The Difference Between Editing and Revising a Novel


My three decades at Disney taught me not to fear automation


How to Live in a Dystopian Fiction

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