10 Things No One Tells You About Publishing

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Publishing often feels like a mystery.  There are so many details that go into getting a book published, and the process can be very, very slow.  Publishers can also be intimidating, especially if it is your first experience, or if you don’t know what you’re getting into.

However, over the years, a few secrets have slipped out.  Whether these are things your publisher won’t tell you, or things that you will just never know before trying to get published, there are a few unknown secrets about publishing that everyone should know about the publishing process  (and yes, I made a list about it!) Here are the top ten things that no one tells you about publishing.

1. You’ve Got Three Months

Your book has three months to sell.  Yep that’s it.  You have three months to show your publisher, bookstores, and other marketers that your book will bring in revenue. …

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A new venue for authors

Entertaining Stories

As authors, we are always looking for new ways to reach our readers. I was contacted by these two lovely ladies, through friends made on Lisa Burton Radio, to promote their startup on YouTube. Check out what they have to offer, and there are some pretty decent prizes available here too.

CraftQuest 2018 Launch

Co-Founders: Maria Tureaud & Ari Augustine

Motto: We are warriors of the written word.

This month, Maria Tureaud and I are launching CraftQuest, a LIVE YouTube webinar series for serious writers. We wanted to create the equivalent of The View for seriously determined writers willing to transform their failures into successes and want to “get shit done”.

Each month, CraftQuest will host between five to ten writers to chat about their unique writing lives, creative processes, and lessons learn from rejections. We will share tips, perform open critiques, and collaborate with other humans who want…

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How to produce a beautiful cover for your book

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After writing, editing and formatting, what’s next?

Picking the perfect cover.

While no easy task, it doesn’t have to break the bank. So in case you missed this great post from Fiction University, I’m attaching a link below.

J. Kathleen Cheney gives sound advice on when and where you can design your own cover. And more important when you might want to bite the bullet and pay for a professional.

In her article, Ms. Cheney also provides links and suggestions on how you can produce a great book cover for your next project.

  • Love Canva. It’s one of my favorite programs. Very user-friendly and short learning curve. And best of all you can art for FREE or only $1.00.
  • Her idea of checking out the competition is great. That is definitely going on my to-do list for next book.
  • Get a critique on the cover from your friends, family and writing…

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When are you a bestselling author? #WriterWednesday #AmWriting

D.E. Haggerty

bestseller 1It seems everyone is a bestseller these days. Every time I turn around, yet another author has added a large banner proclaiming herself ‘best seller author!’ on her website. I admit to a minor twinge of jealousy (slight understatement) whenever I see the words ‘bestselling author’. In fact, I may become a stalker at that point and go onto Amazon and check the rankings of all the bestselling author’s books. I’m not going to confirm or deny my stalkerish behavior, but I will say this. Whenever I do just happen to take a glimpse at the rankings of a so-called (OMG! Don’t you love that phrase?) bestselling author’s books, they are almost never actually in the top hundred – often these books don’t even make the top thousand. What’s going on?

Being the obsessive person I am, I decided to research the situation. The first blog I read claimed you…

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Genre-Neutralizing Your Writing

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Today I’m going to discuss a concept that can be very useful for those of you working on a novel, book, short story, or any other fictional piece (while this tip may be useful for non fiction writers, it is much easier to apply to fictional writing).  Today’s writing tip is on genre-neutralizing.  While this is not a very well-known or common topic among authors and writers, I feel that it is a very important skill to have when writing fiction.  There are several reasons that genre-neutralizing can be useful, and I would recommend that you keep reading if you:

1. Are struggling to create rising action/excitement in your plot

2. Want to attract a diverse and wide audience of readers to your book

3. Want to avoid traditional genres

4. Are having trouble categorizing your book within a traditional genre

5. Want to encourage readers to connect and relate…

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What is the best secret to writing something original?

Jean's Writing

Use a formula.

Yep, you heard me right. Sounds contradictory I know. Why? Because we are creatures of comfort and formulas work.

I mean, who doesn’t have a favorite comfort food, favorite chair, a feel-good movie, or book? We enjoy the familiar.

A genre formula is a writer’s best friend.

Sticking to a genre formula lets the reader know what to expect. You know what to expect when you pick up a book by Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell, James Pattersonor Danielle Steel.

Putting yourown unique spin, touch or style is what makes a reader recognize your uniqueness.

Sort of like spaghetti sauce. Everyone knows it’s made with tomatoes, meat, and spices. But how the cook puts it all together will determine the flavor.

Remember, how you execute a story is what makes it unique.

  • You (the cook) make the difference.
  • Different isn’t always a good thing.
  • Readers want genre…

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WordPress Reblog Button disappearance – cause and update…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

From the blog of Sally G Cronin:

I know that whilst I was away that the reblog button has disappeared from out blogs which is a real pain..

I checked the forums and this was a response from one of the Happiness Engineers I assume.

kokkieh on “Reblog button has disappeared from blogs”
21 February 2018 10:41

“Hi all. Just an update. It appears this happened because we removed some deprecated code, i.e. code for a feature that no longer exists, but it seems the reblog button was also using some of that code.

Adding back the deprecated code is not an option, so our developers are working on replacing it with updated code that will allow the button to work again. We’re already testing potential fixes, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.”

In the meantime you can share blogs who have the Press This button.. you can…

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