Review: LIGHTMASTERS – Number 13


LIGHTMASTERS: Number 13 by M. G. Wells is a great read. But first, a piece found on Amazon by the author. 

Orphaned after her parents’ tragic death, Jessica Wyrd feels uneasy living with her gassy grandparents. With few friends and constant teasing by her hardcore schoolmates, this Georgia girl feels like an outcast living in a small town in upstate New

Anxious about being forgotten on her 13th birthday, Jessica is lured into the forest by a strange spiral light. She encounters three Lighmasters, who convince her that she has unique gifts. Intrigued, she’s transported to another dimension where she is tested for her courage and strength.

Things change drastically when Jessica returns to earth. During school, her reality shifts and people start turning into reptilian monsters. The leader of the Lightmasters tells her she’s needed by the alliance to defeat an invisible alien beast, who feeds off fear.

How can Jessica conquer her own fears and help rid the world of a wicked enemy who hates humans?

M.G. is an award-winning artist and produced playwright best known for Into the Light, Practice Makes Perfect & SPOOKY!

LightMasters: Number 13 is M. G. Wells debut novel.

For a freshman novel, Lightmasters: Number 13, is a great read. I’m so glad that my friend Mae lent me this book to read as it is such a well-written story that for all young adults and high school students. The plot has a different twist on things and the characters are well described. If you like magical good and creepy, then this is the book for you! For a fantasy novel, I find that the important areas of behavior and bullying to be extraordinary, as well as how bigotry, prejudice, and more hinders our youth. Educational!

Review: The Heart’s Journey Home


The Heart’s Journey Home by Natalie Ducey

From the author found on Amazon: Poetry for the soul. 

The potential of the human spirit has always amazed me. Through poetry, I try to capture the essence of the fragility and the resiliency of our hearts – the brilliant beauty of life’s journey.

I believe we are connected by similar and relatable experiences. We all love/loved deeply and most likely have been on both sides of goodbye. We know the exquisite and profound beauty of love. We know the immobilizing force of grief and the anguish between letting go and holding on. We know the acute distinction between second chances and new beginnings.

Life… It’s majestic and mystifying, and every day we are granted the opportunity to begin again. Let’s enjoy the Journey!

The collection includes 23 poems titled: Reckless Words, Borrowed Angel, Nobody’s Fool, Silence of the Heart, Love’s Illusion, Fallen Angel, Let’s Dance, Where Does the Love Go, Young Love, Small Town Girl, Winter’s Gift, Destined to Fly, Eternal Love, The War Within, To my Sister on our 40th Birthday, Goodbye without Warning, Old Oak Tree, Names in the Sand, Can’t Let Go, Memories Linger, Caged Bird Sings, Surrender, and Heart’s Journey Home.

“I found this short collection of poems sentimental and meaningful. Ducey has a true talent for writing poems. I did find a few blatant spelling errors and I know the author will fix those.” 

A Stranger There! by Denny Lancaster


Thursday, July 4, 2002

A Stranger There!
by LaSalle aka Denny Lancaster

Each of us in a moment of care,
has seen ‘a stranger’ there;
Whose ears heard every word,
and just listened and heard.

Spilling our hearts grief,
and much to our hearts relief;
Did not offer advice, just care,
a contrite heart he did bare.

On an occasion for us to also show,
to our friends side we too did go;
There like ‘a stranger’ before,
just listened and their pain we bore.

We reflect upon those events now,
not burdened with cow, nor a plow;
Content to just listen with our mind,
for in ‘HIS’ countenance comfort we find.

We talk, just like in our youthful days,
and each listens to what the other says;
Now we know ‘a stranger’ is always here,
in our Cherub family, their face is clear.

EDITING 101: 30 – Ellipses…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Originally posted as the Dun Writin’—Now Whut? series on this blog, EDITING 101 is a weekly refresher series for some of you and brand new for others.

Courtesy of Adirondack Editing


Ahh, another point of grammar that’s frequently either overused or incorrectly used. And, in this case, it’s understandable! There are so many different ways to use ellipses.

First, we’ll start with the punctuation mark itself. Some authors use three dots in a row…which Microsoft Word will typically convert into an ellipsis character. An ellipsis character only takes up one character space, and can be deleted by backspacing one time. This ellipsis is scrunched together more than if there were simply three period/full stop marks.

Other authors like to use a space in between . . . like this. It’s spread out more and I think it looks nicer. The problem is when it comes at the end of a sentence…

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Do you know how to kill off a character?

jean's writing

Picking a way to kill off a character is not always easy.

I’m dealing with that now. I’ve got a character that’s got to go and another that may need to make an untimely exit.

Hmm, poison might work.

If you’re looking for a nasty poison then you will be as thrilled as I was to find Poisoning People for Fun and Profit by Anne R. Allen.

Anne gives us 25 poisons to choose from in a series of posts.

Want to find a poison for your WIP?

Click and start with her latest, Poisoning People for Fun and Profit: Part 25—Yew, and then work your way through the rest.

Have you ever used poison as a way to rid your story of a character?

Which one did you choose?

Or do you prefer something more violent ?

Leave me a comment – I love comments.

Please head over…

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The dispossessed

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

faded-beauty-2Where do they go, the faces of youth?
The smiles and laughter,
The sparkling eyes
And witty conversation?
They are lost in the silence
Of forgotten solitude;
Of endless days
And sleepless nights
When the mouth never opens
Except for tea
And pills that keep alive
The empty shell.

Where have they gone,
The minds that wander?
Back to the pastures of childhood
Or a first nervous kiss?
To the babe in arms
And its laughter,
Eye to eye in delight?
Or the last touch of lips
On eyes that have closed
And will not open;
Eyes that shared secrets
Of love and pain.

Where have they gone,
The blushing brides
And tall young men?
Are they forgotten
In the scent of lilies
And stale cigarettes,
Their faces, too weary
To hold their shape,
Reaching already for the grave
For want of a smile?
The sparkle lost
To desuetude.


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Will YOU be the lucky winner?

Last week on this blog I asked you a question: “Should I start a writing contest?”

I followed up my question with a promise: “If there is enough enthusiasm for a writing contest, I will start a writing contest.”

So. Was there enough enthusiasm for a writing contest?

Sort of!

And that’s good enough for me.

Welcome to the First Annual
Sully Award for Excellence in Writerishness!

The (one and only) winner will receive a bunch of valuable prizes!

A $20 gift card to Starbucks, because writers need to wake up before writing.
A $10 gift card to iTunes, because writers need to be in the right mood while writing.
A $20 Gift card to Barnes & Noble so you can read after writing.
And, best of all, a beautiful SULLY AWARD CERTIFICATE, because great writers deserve great accolades. The certificate will look something like…

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