“Natural spices every ladies should have in their kitchen for a healthier skin”


Apparently, if there is one place in the house that women should master and dominate it would be the kitchen! It’s where you prepare food for your lovely family but hey! your kitchen could also be a place to keep your beauty ingredients for a healthy and glowing skin. So besides using spices on your recipes, you could also use some of these as a part of your beauty regimen.

Here’s a list of some natural spices that you lovely ladies should have in your kitchen!

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a lot of benefits on your skin. This is my most favorite spice of all time because it really is effective on preventing acne. It also helps to avoid wrinkle 😊. There’s a lot of ways to use Cinnamon but I prefer mixing it with honey to cure/prevent acne.
2. Paprika

Paprika is also beneficial to the skin since it…

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